Laboratory of Paleogenetics and Conservation Genetics
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Prof. Piotr Węgleński


dr Mateusz Baca
mgr Karolina Doan
doktorantka, MISDoMP
mgr Joanna Gawlik
doktorantka, MISMaP
dr Martyna Molak-Tomsia
mgr Hanna Panagiotopoulou
dr Danijela Popović

O laboratorium

Genetic  Analyzes for Environmental Protection Team deals with conservation genetics. This is the area combining  population genetics , molecular ecology and phylogenetics. Basing on such genetics markers as : nucleotide sequence of specific part of mtDNA and microsatellite sequences and SNP - genetic polymorphism of tested species is evaluated, genetic relationship between specimen is established and the best parental population for reproducing species is chosen.

It is also possible to define hybridisation range between autochthonic and introduced species and identity what is the genes flow between populations.

Currently Genetic  Analyzes for Environmental Protection Team is caring out projects aimed at :

  • creating real basis for restitution in Poland two extinct fish species  :  atlantic sturgeon and salmon;
  • restoration of certa (Vimba vimba) population in Oder river
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